Airdyne Bike Model Comparison – Features, Specs & Reviews

Quick Summary

Airdyne indoor bike series by Schwinn has attracted many fitness freaks due to their increasing popularity. The oldest AD 2 bike model is the most affordable in the Airdyne series, with only the basic features with infinite resistance that one needs for a full-body workout. Another AD 6 is an intermediate between entry-level AD 2 and high-end Airdyne models. For a more high-intensity but low-impact cardio workout, you need to consider commercial-grade air bikes like AD 7 and AD Pro with 26 fan blades. However, they’re not easy on the pocket. Keep in mind that price increases with the addition of more advanced features in the upgraded Airdyne models. What remains the same for all Airdyne indoor bikes are the infinite wind-resistance, single belt-drive system, and sturdy steel construction.

Schwinn Airdyne Model History

When it comes to indoor exercise equipment, Schwinn is a reliable and leading name for making indoor bikes. Schwinn is a bicycle company founded almost 125 years ago by Ignaz Schwinn. Schwinn is now a top bicycle and fitness equipment brand that’s at the forefront of fitness technology advancement worldwide.

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It all began in 1965 when Schwinn introduced its in-home workout bike called Deluxe Exerciser. In 1978, the exclusive first stationary air bike under the name AirDyne ran on a chain drive. This old no-frills model was efficient due to its dual motion. Since then, new upgraded Airdyne models have been launched successively with a gap of a few years. Unlike vintage Airdyne bikes with chain drive, the newer models have a belt drive with quiet operation. Metal components have been replaced with plastic parts to bring down bike weight and price while giving a sleeker look. The latest Airdyne indoor bike models include ProAD 7AD 6, and AD 2.

Airdyne AD2 Review

Schwinn Airdyne AD2 Bike
  • It’s fitness for everyone at an affordable price
  • Whisper-quiet belt drive
  • Sturdy built
  • LCD console
  • The bike seat is uncomfortable; needs more padding
  • Heart rate monitoring should’ve been provided
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The upright AD2 is an entry-level indoor bike from the Airdyne series. This marvel of modern technology delivers infinite levels of smooth resistance that offers a full cardio workout to boost weight loss and fitness. The Schwinn Fitness AD2 bike features a patent-pending unique fan that only provides quiet functioning through a single-stage belt drive but also offers a cooling effect via airflow. Your speed controls the wind-resistance and workout intensity. It has a small LCD to track distance, time, calories burned, speed, and RPM to track your workout progress. In addition to pedals, it also has foot pegs to target the upper body area. It combines durability and quality; AD2 is a comfortable, simple, effective, and affordable indoor exercise bike.

Airdyne AD6 Review

Schwinn Airdyne AD6 Bike
  • Larger LCD with Heart rate and RPM gauge
  • Powerful dual-drive belt
  • Oversized padded seat
  • Motion-controlling pedals
  • Though seat height can be adjusted, it can’t move back and forth
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Airdyne AD6 is excellent for building strength and intense whole-body workout. It features Airdyne’s signature wind-resistance technology that uses the user’s speed to control resistance and workout intensity. To engage the upper and lower body, engage both your arms and legs simultaneously. Moreover, you can switch from pedals to footpegs to focus on the upper body only. This newly-designed AD6 has upgraded features like wider foot straps with self-balancing pedals for better motion control and stability. The super-torque single belt drive with a frictionless fan runs very smoothly and quietly. Plus, shrouding on the exclusive BioSynch system offers a very safe and stable workout.

Moreover, the upgraded LCD console is large to track progress via visible metrics in front and center. Other built-in features include a RevMeter RPM gauge is ideal for interval training, a telemetric heart indicator, and a water bottle holder. This fully-featured AD6 bike also has windscreen and reading rack accessories available.

Airdyne AD 7 Review

Schwinn Airdyne AD7 Bike
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Adjustable seat up/down/vertical/horizontal
  • 350lbs weight capacity
  • Sturdy corrosion-resistance frame
  • There should be built-in Bluetooth connectivity to connect to fitness apps
  • LCD is still small
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If you want top-of-the-line latest wind-resistance technology, the AD7 Airdyne bike is designed to provide a low-impact yet versatile and challenging cardio muscle-building workout. Combining performance and durability, it features solid premium grade rust-proof steel construction and a perimeter weighted fan for easy start-up. The single belt-drive is efficient, quiet, and offers a smooth drive. A progressive air-resistance system offers infinite levels of resistance.

This upgraded newly designed AD7 has an adjustable padded seat that can be replaced and multiple hand grip positions for the most comfortable cycling experience. It’s also loaded with smart features like a multi-display high-resolution LCD console that tracks calories, watts, speed, distance, time, heart rate, and RPM. Besides, there’s a choice of interval programs, heartrate level indicators, and target programs.

Airdyne AD Pro Review

Schwinn Airdyne AD Pro Bike
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Smooth and quiet belt drive
  • Four contact levelers
  • Better responsive pedal motion
  • It lacks Bluetooth compatibility
  • No speakers or media rack like high-end air bikes
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If you aim to buy a commercial-grade air bike, the Airdyne AD Pro is the one for you. This all-new AD Pro by Schwinn is the all-in-one bike to engage the lower and upper body for a powerful full-body workout. It comes with a single-stage direct belt-drive system and custom-designed 26 blade fan to produce more power without energy wastage.
The sleek, intuitive LCD console offers detailed tracking of speed, RPM, watts, heart rate, calories per minute with an additional tachometer. To vary your workouts and multi-user usage, it has an adjustable seat and various handgrip positions. It features triple-sided anti-slip footpegs for serious upper body conditioning.

AD2, AD6, AD7, AD PRO Similarities 

Before we move to comparison, let’s see what makes these Airdyne indoor bikes alike. All these Airdyne bikes are engineered using the same fitness concept.


All the models run on the wind-resistance belt-drive technology to provide you with infinite resistance levels. The harder you pedal more resistance you generate, and the more intense your workout gets. The Airdyne bikes work as hard as you do.

BIO FIT Comfort System 

All the Airdyne bike models have a BIO FIT comfort system that generates a steady airflow from the unique fan design. It displaces air evenly and effectively for a cooling effect to keep you sweat-free and comfortable.

Synchronized Motion 

The Airdyne’s exclusive BIODYNETM performance synchronized motion keeps legs and arms movements natural with a single-stage drive belt system. This allows you to work the upper and lower body simultaneously with fluid, smooth pedal strokes.

AD2, AD6, AD7, AD PRO Differencies 

Now let’s talk about the features and design that’s unique to each bike.

Display Readouts

AD 2 has a high-contrast BIO CONNECT LCD above the flywheel that shows speed, time, distance, calories, and RPM. However, it’s the simplest, small, and basic console with the general metrics that all advanced models have. Moving from AD 6 to AD pro, they feature a front middle LCD console that more comfortable to read because of straight eye level. The console gets sleeker, high-resolution, and larger with more advanced statistics like a built-in pulse sensor and watts. RevMeter™ is exclusive to AD 6 only, while the unique and most exciting feature of AD pro is the tachometer. It’s a built-in motivator that visually measures how hard you are pushing yourself and inspires you to try harder.

Preset programs 

Since AD 2 and AD 6 aren’t designed for commercial-grade training, both the bikes don’t come with any preset programs. AD 7 and Pro can be used for CrossFit training, functional training areas, fat burn, and fitness training as they have nine preset workout programs. This includes heart rate level indicators (HR zones), custom interval, and time target programs to set out a total workout time to reach calorie goal. The Interval training program is excellent for those who want a moment of rest during a workout. However, the AD pro takes a clear lead when it comes to functionality and training variations. It also has on-board HIIT programs like 30/9 and 20/10 intervals.

Heart rate 

AD 6, AD 7, and AD Pro offer real-time heart rate monitoring via the wireless telemetric pulse measurement technology. These models are also compatible with any Polar chest strap 4.5 kHz-5.5 kHz transmitter for heart rate examination. On the other hand, affordable AD 2 lacks heart rate measurement.


Another significant difference is the seat size, padding, and adjustability. For example, you can’t adjust much the AD 2 model as it comes with an anatomically correct saddle with slight padding. The AD 6 has an oversized extra-padded seat for comfort, but adjustability is limited to height only. However, the advanced AD 7 and AD Pro both have padded seats that offer 4-way adjustments (Fore and aft) and can be replaced easily. This allows for freedom of movement via backward and forward adjustability to set the most comfortable riding position. The Airdyne AD 7 can easily accommodate a user of any height and size.

Weight and size

Size and weight is an important consideration when choosing an in-home exercise bike. Those with limited space would prefer AD Pro because of its smaller footprint as compared to other models. It measures 40 x 20 x 52”, weighs 113lbs, and can support 350lbs of user weight. AD 2 is also great for a little apartment with the 46 x 25 x 50” dimensions and the 250lbs of support but is the most lightweight option. Airdyne AD 6 measures 49.7 x 25.7 x 50.9” and can accommodate a 300lbs weight load. Although AD 7 also weighs the same and has a similar weight load capacity as AD pro, it’s the largest among the Airdyne models with 53 x 26.5 x 53. If bike size is no issue, then AD 7 is a good choice for your regular daily exercise.


The newer Schwinn Airdyne bikes get a lot of attention because of the multi-directional handlebar design. AD 7 and Pro feature multi-grip handlebars with various positions, but AD 2 and AD 6 are only limited to horizontal handlebars.


When it comes to pricing, each bike model has a different price tag. Among the Airdyne series, AD 2 is the most affordable option that retails at $399. Moving up the lane, AD 6 is available at $599 while AD 7 is an expensive option; $899. The most costly on the list is the advanced AD Pro that’s available for $999 above.

Our Verdict

Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle toning, building stamina, or a desire to get healthy and stay fit, the Schwinn Airdyne series has an indoor exercise bike for all your fitness needs. The AD 2, AD 6, AD 7, and AD Pro all have an unlimited wind-resistance formula to control your workout intensity. Choose the bike that best fits your budget and workout requirements.