Best Bowflex Home Gyms: Reviews & Comparison

Quick Summary

Started in 1986, the Bowflex home gym was introduced to build muscle and strength. Designed for muscular fitness, the Bowflex home gym series has a range of models that starts from $799 and goes up to $2,999. The PR1000, PR3000, Xtreme 2SE, Blaze, and Xceed exercise machines use the traditional power rod resistance, while the Bowflex revolution has the newer technology of SpiraFlex® resistance. Various exercises that you do on different gym machines can be done on a single Bowflex home gym that’s more compact and easy to use.

Bowflex Revolution Review

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym
  • Supports more than 100 exercises
  • SpiraFlex Technology provides resistance through the range of motion the machine offers
  • Comes with a vertical bench press and a preacher curl attachment
  • Has a leg press station
  • Provides a feature of upgrading the resistance
  • It is expensive as its price exceeds $1600
  • It cannot fit in compact spaces as it requires a large workout area
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The Bowflex Revolution is the latest new home gym that introduced powerful Spiraflex technology with up to 220lbs resistance. Revolution home gym offers than 100 gym-quality exercises with 400+ variations, yet it’s so simple to use. Engineered to work on all your major body muscles, this home gym machine works independently of gravity. It features a non-metal plate loaded design and freedom arms that move independently with 170̊ adjustments and ten positions.

Ideal for functional training, the Revolution has a similar cam technology to commercial gym machines. This means your muscles get better workouts and faster results. Plus, you easily stack more resistance plates on the Revolution home gym just like free-weights. This vertical incline bench press also lets you perform aerobic rowing exercises via the sliding rail. The strength machine also comes with a leg press station and preacher curl attachment. Plus, there are different versions of back extension exercises that you can perform on the Revolution.

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Review

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym
  • Cheaper than the Bowflex Revolution
  • Does not require cable changes when transitioning from one exercise to the other
  • Can easily fit in compact spaces
  • The Power Rod system provides a similar feeling as that of using free weights
  • It does not come with a bench
  • It does not offer a feature of upgradable resistance
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The Xtreme 2SE is a compact home gym powered by Power rod technology feels as good as the free-weights resistance. Trusted and recommended by many satisfied users to achieve fitness goals worldwide, this Bowflex Xtreme lets you perform over 70 full-body exercises that you can easily and quickly change. Thanks to the revolutionary quick-change pulley system! The home gym comes equipped with standard 210lbs resistance but can be upgraded for powerful exercises. Harder you work, the harder the power rod resistance work for you!

Moreover, it features an angled lat bar with a lat tower that provides perfect lat pull-downs. Plus, you can work your quads with the leg extension with endless variations. For more comfort, it comes with an ergonomically-designed is adjustable and features high-density polyurethane foam.

Bowflex PR3000 Review

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym
  • Resistance is upgradeable with +100 lbs
  • No cable change system
  • It has upholstered roller cushions
  • Integrated placard with instructions
  • It has no squat bar
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This vertical bench press is a compact home gym that delivers a total body workout using the Power rod resistance of 210lbs. It allows you to perform 50+ exercises, and the lat tower is the perfect platform for your arms and back workout. The vertical bench is excellent for building a powerful chest and a stronger core. Plus, it includes triple-function handgrips that ensure variations and flexibility to your workouts. With a no-change pulley system, you can save tons of time while changing from one exercise form to another. For leg curl and extensions, this PR3000 home gym features upholstered integrated roller cushions.

Bowflex PR1000 Review

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym
  • It folds up for easy storage
  • Integrated media rack
  • Folding design
  • Budget-friendly
  • There’s no resistance upgrade available
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The Bowflex PR1000 is an entry-level home gym for total body workout for people on a budget. This utilizes Power rod technology with standard 200+ resistance to perform more than 30 different exercises. The built-in rowing sliding rail and horizontal bench press offer various calorie-blasting cardio and strength workouts, while the tower delivers numerous options to work your arms and backs. Plus, the multiple position pulley cable lets you change resistance angle easily and enhance exercise effectiveness. What’s unique and exclusive to PR1000 is the built-in media rack to stream your favorite videos or watch free seven trainer-led videos included. It’s great for people to begin strength training.

Bowflex Blaze Gym Review

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym
  • Squat and lat bar included
  • Resistance upgradable to 410lbs
  • Transport wheels and folding design
  • Instructional integrated placard
  • The only thing Blaze lacks is a media rack
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It’s a fully-featured workout machine that uses the Power rod resistance technology with the 210lbs of resistance. The Bowflex Blaze can be upgraded to a maximum resistance of 410lbs for a more challenging workout. This allows you to perform 60+ exercises to work your entire body. The horizontal bench press and sliding rails let you do aerobic rowing exercises and leg presses. Besides, the angled lat bar delivers ultimate versatility to define back and arms. Although it doesn’t feature a no-change chain system, it comes with Bowflex multiple pulley positions for custom exercises. The multi-functional hand grips provide ultimate control of your exercise movements.

Bowflex Xceed Review

Bowflex Xceed Home Gym
  • Additional lat, squat bar, and Ab training strap
  • Quick-release adjustable seat
  • 400lbs maximum resistance
  • Durable steel frame
  • No quick-change feature
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The Xceed home gym is mid-priced and the most affordable of Bowflex vertical bench press models. This allows you to perform 60+ versatile exercises that come with the standard 210lbs of power rod resistance that can be upgraded to 400lbs. It also comes with a lat and squat bar to add more versatility to the total-body workout. Even though it’s a vertical bench press, you can perform leg presses with the included leg extension attachment. Another great feature is the comfortable quick-release padded seat that’s adjustable. Although this home gym doesn’t fold up, it features a compact design to fit smaller places.

Revolution, PR1000, PR3000, Xtreme 2SE, Blaze, Xceed Comparison

Resistance technology

The power rod resistance is used by the Bowflex PR1000, PR3000, Xtreme 2SE, Blaze, and Xceed. The resistance comes from the flexible long rods; further, through the range of motion you go, the harder it gets. However, the Bowflex Revolution features the patented ingenious Spiraflex technology that provides a linear and smoother feel instead of old power rod resistance. The muscle-building resistance comes in the form of intelligently designed plates constructed with heavy-duty elastic straps inside. When a person exercise, the Spiraflex plates rotate; this movement stretches the elastic strap to create resistance. Thus, a constant resistance is created throughout the entire range of motion for a more gym-quality experience. Although both resistances are equally effective, the Bowflex Revolution is still a clear winner with its advanced resistance machinery.

Resistance upgrade

All the Bowflex models come with standard 210lbs of resistance regardless of any resistance technology used. PR1000 is the only home gym that can’t be upgraded to more challenging and powerful resistances like other models. Blaze, Xtreme 2, and Xceed are upgradeable to the maximum 410lbs by adding optional +100 lbs resistance rods.

Folding design

A Bowflex home gym has two basic designs; vertical and horizontal bench press. Revolution, Xceed, Xtreme, and PR3000 all feature a vertical bench press. The gym-style vertical workout position means a compact size that takes up less space in your room. Another advantage of vertical benches is that it’s easy to get up and on. However, vertical means it lacks the aerobic rowing function as it doesn’t have any sliding rail seat. The two horizontal bench presses are PR1000 and Blaze that you can adjust to incline settings. The significant advantage of this design is that it allows for aerobic rowing and leg presses.

Another big bonus of Bowflex horizontal bench press is that they have a foldable design as they take up more space than a vertical bench press. Nevertheless, the Revolution is an exception. This vertical incline bench not only allows rowing exercise but also folds up for space-saving. Revolution and Blaze have folded footprints of 140 x 97cm and 132 x 97cm, respectively. Both of these models even have easy transportation wheels.

Size and workout area

Although all the Bowflex home gyms mentioned above have the same 300lbs weight load capacity, they differ in dimensions and weight. Revolution is the most significant and most massive home gym model that measures 248 x 97 x 185cm and weighs 336lbs. However, it does offer a larger workout area of 305 x 214cm than other models. The most lightweight model is the PR3000 that weighs only 154lbs fully assembled with 163 x 104 x 211cm dimensions. For the largest workout area yet a lightweight option, you need to consider Xceed with 157lbs of weight and a spacious 318×308 workout area. Xtreme and Blaze offer almost the same workout area but have different dimensions and styles.

Quick Change System

PR3000, Xtreme 2SE, and Revolution have a quick-change system. This allows you to move from one exercise to another without changing cables seamlessly, from squats to leg to lat movements. The no-change cable system saves up your time while keeping your heart rate up to burn fat for a much more efficient workout. On the other hand, PR1000, Blaze, and Xceed lack this quick-change pulley system since they have a reasonable price. This means you do have to change pulleys and cables when changing exercises.


When it comes to pricing, you can see a considerable difference between Bowflex home gym models. Since Revolution is the newest model and utilizes the latest technology, it usually retails at $2,899. If you think this vertical bench is an expensive option for you, consider the Bowflex Xceed that’s typically available at $699. Other vertical benches like Xtreme and PR3000 are usually available at $1,499 and $1,099, respectively. The lowest-priced home gym from Bowflex is the PR1000 at around $599, followed by the Blaze at $799.

Number of exercises

For the most versatile workouts, look no further than the Bowflex Revolution as it lets you perform the highest number of exercises, i.e., 100+ as it features Freedom Arms independently moving system. All other models have a lat tower with an angled bar to work up your upper body muscles. All Bowflex home gyms have leg extension/ curl attachments.

Our Verdict

Bowflex is one of the leading brands in the home gym industry. The Bowflex gyms have various models that not only differ in size but price as well. One thing that remains the same is the resistance technology that offers exercise versatility. With so many Bowflex home gym options, choose the one that suits your workout needs and budget. Get stronger, burn fat, build lean muscles, and improve your overall health with Bowflex home gym!