Best Commercial Spin Bikes for Home Use

Here you will find an in-depth guide to pick the best commercial spin bike for your home along with a detailed discussion on bikes that are one of their kinds and have the best features to offer for enhancing users’ workout experiences.

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Our Top Commercial Spin Bike Picks


It is hard to find time to visit fitness centers, isn’t it? With a packed schedule and load of work, we all prefer exercising at home. After all, you have the advantage of exercising on flexible hours indoors, especially if you have an excellent training partner, a commercial spin bike.

Cycling on stationary bikes is considered one of the significant beneficial workouts one can perform. Among all other equipment options for doing cardio exercises, spin bikes are always the best choice. With a good commercial spin bike, you are enabled to do a better cardiovascular workout, and they are cost-friendly as compared to treadmills and other machines. One more reason for keeping a spin bike at your home is that most of these spin bikes are compact and occupy less space, so you do not have to worry about giving up a lot of free space in your house.

Why choosing a commercial over a standard spin bike?

Commercial spin bikes are stationary just like normal spin bikes and let people receive cardiovascular advantages of cycling while at home. However, commercial spin bikes are better cycling trainers in terms of features and durability. From adjustable seats to digital displays, commercial spin bikes have a lot to offer.

One of the significant differences between commercial and standard spin bikes is the operation of the flywheel’s mechanism. The commercial spin bike’s flywheel is heavier. It directly connects with the pedals through a chain, and to keep the bike moving, the rider must work hard, however, due to inertia pedals continuing to spin even if the rider stops. This requires similar variable resistance control that is found in any outdoor bike. Hence, commercial spin bikes provide a better quality workout. Moreover, commercial spin bikes allow you to enjoy a customized user experience with a good range of features to elevate your workout according to your requirements and budget.

Best Commercial Spin Bikes of 2020

Here is a precise list of some best commercial spin bikes of 2020.

Keiser M3i


  • Keiser M3i has made it to the good books of many cycling enthusiasts. According to the reviews on Amazon, this bike has scored a five-star rating from a significant number of users.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Instructions are detailed and precise.
  • It has a strong structure and can last longer if taken care of properly. It proves to be a long time exercise partner.
  • Users like the computer installed on the bike. It provides all of your workout data, so it gets easier to track how much you have been exercising and whether or not you need improvement. It appears to be an excellent source of motivation.
  • Keiser offers fantastic customer support for all of its customers, so if you ever face any problem with your bike, you are likely to get a prompt response and immediate solution to your problem.


  •  The bike is quite expensive, especially if you are just beginning to try cycling. Though it makes an excellent commercial spin bike, it is hard to say that it is budget-friendly for many.
  • One major downside of Keiser M3i is that its seat is not that comfortable, and many users have to buy seat covers to deal with this problem.
  • Some users have also complained about getting missing or defective parts. However, you can contact Keiser and let them know about your issue.

Detailed Review

Keiser stands out from the crowd because of its single poly-v-belt drive train that allows users to achieve a quiet and smooth workout. Not only this, but Keiser M3i has many improvements that make it one of its kind.

It can be connected to various cool applications and offers Bluetooth connectivity, which puts it into the spotlight and has attracted many users. With Keiser M3i, you are enabled to track and store all your workout data and also connect the machine to your most favorite applications to make your workout session enjoyable and productive. M3i is making it a lot more fun for users to perform workouts and is enhancing their exercise experience.

Having a v-shaped body and a four-way saddle that is adjustable, M3i appears to be a compact spin bike. Additionally, a four-way adjustable handlebar adds an element of versatility and makes the bike ideal for users of all sizes. Keiser M3i is designed to enhance the comfort and safety of its users. Its curved crank arms are made to cater to wider shoes and pelvises. Also, shifter installed directly on the bike’s handlebars allows for safe and quick operation. The bike features a rear-mounted flywheel that is designed to stay out of the sweat zone. It is made this way to increase the bike’s life by protecting the sensitive parts from corrosion and sweat. And as if it was not enough, the protection is leveled up via angled channel, which helps to direct fluids away from the drive train of the bike. Keiser M3i has butterfly-style handlebars and includes a media tray that can be used to place your tablet or smartphone.

To be precise, Keiser M3i is the best choice for serious cyclists and proves to be a worthy investment for enhancing your workout sessions.

Bowflex C6


  • Robust structure with a well-built body.
  • Compact design and well-thought-out. It makes an excellent bike for every house.
  • Affordable with a wide range of high-tech bike features.
  • Access to an extensive built-in library of workouts for users.
  • It allows users to do live streaming of their workout sessions.
  • Integrated smartphone, tablet, and holders o hold water bottles.
  • An electronic, magnetic resistance system makes it easier to achieve an enhanced riding experience.
  • Easy to assemble. Straightforward.
  • Two-tone LCD console along with a heartbeat monitor.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Instructions for assembling the equipment are not so concise.
  • Pedals and levers appear to differ in quality as compared to the rest of the bike’s body.
  • Customer service cannot be approached on weekends though they are available online to chat.
  • A secure internet connection is required to live stream the workout classes.
  • Many compatible applications require a subscription.

Detailed Review

It is Bowflex’s first bike introduced in the exercise bike market. The company has stepped into the competition with its Bowflex C6 and is giving a tough time to some of the most popular commercial spin bikes.

In C6, you will find an excellent range of features, and it is equipped with modern-day technology that every bike user wants today within a reasonable price range. One of the best features of Bowflex C6 is that you are allowed to live-stream your workout from a tablet or a smartphone, and it can be synced up via Bluetooth with your device.
Bowflex C6 is designed to provide a good cycling base, along with the option to connect to famous third party applications that help you stream on-demand online classes. C6 enables users to sync all the vital stats along with their resistance levels to any app they use and helps to create a smooth and better riding experience.

The Bowflex C6 offers high-tech features and options just like any other high-end exercise bike, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity. It proves to be a suitable bike for most users, and it is durable.

Spinner Shift


  • Excellent adjustment options that are suitable for users of all sizes.
  • Dual-sided caged pedals to minimize the risk of slippage.
  • Heavy-duty steel structure.
  • The Friction Resistance System enables riders to have a realistic cycling feel.
  • Enhanced pedal motion by flywheel provides a quality workout.


  • No cooling fans
  • No Bluetooth Technology

Detailed Review

Spinner shift is designed to make indoor cycling ideal for everyone. Precor’s Spinner Shift with belt drive is made for use in studios and clubs. It offers many adjustment options to ensure that the bike fits everyone perfectly.

It features a 43 lb flywheel that enhanced the riding experience along with aluminum stabilizers on both back and front for improved corrosion resistance.
The oversized cranks patented pedals, and bottom bracket interface improves the durability of the bike. Moreover, various micro-adjustment options such as fore-aft seat, handlebars, height, etc., make the bike ideal for users of all sizes.

NordicTrack S22i


  • Access to iFit Coach for interactive workouts and spin class videos.
  • High definition 22” touch screen.
  • Reliable magnetic flywheel system.
  • Padded and adjustable saddle having a universal stem.
  • Caged pedals.
  • Multigrip handlebars.
  • Set of dumbbells (three pounds) for upper body workouts.
  • Heart rate monitor (wireless).
  • Dual water bottle holders.
  • Workout fan (auto adjustable).
  • Transport wheels.
  • User weight support of up to 350 pounds.


  • It is expensive and costs more than any average commercial spin bike.
  • Assembling the machine might require professional assistance, which may cost you an extra cost of 250 dollars.
  • iFit Coach requires 12 months membership.
  • NordicTrack has many reviews of providing slow customer service.

Detailed Review

It is a studio cycle that is also a digitally connected indoor exercise bike. It features a 22” monitor that is enabled for iFit Coach. The commercial S22i allows you to stream exercise videos that are filmed through iFit Coach spin studio and will enable you to cycle in amazing virtual outdoor surroundings.

The bike is optimized for rapid calorie burn. It features custom workout videos that motivate users to perform upper body workouts along with lower body workouts.
The S22i has a sturdy overall structure and is safe for adults of all sizes. Its weight limit is 350 pounds, and the adjustment options allow users to achieve a better riding experience.

Concept2 BikeErg


  • It has an aluminum frame and is designed with the best quality (commercial grade) parts.
  • Very less assembling is required along with an instruction manual and necessary tools.
  • The ideal road bike design and four-way handlebar adjustments make the bike suitable for most riders.
  • The PM5 monitor allows for Bluetooth, USB, and ANT+ wireless connectivity, making it easier to connect to various fitness devices, apps, and heart rate belts.
  • BikeErg’s is both durable and light because of its aluminum frame, and caster wheels add ease when moving around.
  • It offers dynamic resistance for a responsive, continuous, and challenging workout.
  • It has pro performance handlebar with an optimized drop bar for race training.
  • Power measurement and RPM.


  • Horizontal seat adjustment consumes time as well as you require a wrench for loosening the seat clamp.
  • You will be required to add every key file that your team needs for the topic or project.
  • The bike offers a fan flywheel that makes more noise than magnetic resistance and friction resistance bikes.
  • There is no holder on the bike to hold your phone or tablet. However, You can buy a phone holder separately.
  • The bottle holder is not included and can be bought separately.

Detailed Review

Joining the SkiErg and the indoor rower, the BikeErg speaks to all the consideration to detail, sturdiness, and straightforwardness of utilizing that we’ve come to anticipate from Concept2. And just like the SkiErg and the indoor rower, the BikeErg uses the same flywheel/damper innovation to supply the discuss resistance and the same PM5 screen to track your execution. Exertion can be measured in watts, 1000m parts or calories, and Bluetooth network permits hustling, both adjacent or online, through associated apps. It indeed works with Zwift.

The flywheel damper alters resistance much just like the gears on a standard bicycle, and rowers will take note the run of resistance feels distant more prominent than that of the indoor rower. Pushing it up to level ten requires a few genuine cranking. Concept2 has connected their normal straightforward and instinctive touch to the handlebar and situate stature adjusters. Fair drag the seat to raise it, and it’ll stay bolted at the desired tallness; a flick of a lever brings down it—no fiddly pulling of pins or turning of handles here. The stage pedals can moreover be effectively exchanged with cycling-specific clip-in pedals.

The cost is another standout highlight. At less than 1000 USD/GBP, the BikeErg speaks to a practical alternative to paddling clubs and wellness clients, not fair the over the top cyclist. The mystery to the exactness and consistency of the execution screen on which Concept2 has built its notoriety is the way that it measures the run-down of the flywheel between strokes.

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 7150


  • Tough development, with a better than average weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Aesthetic design; Adjustable, rubberized stabilizers on both base tubes
  • Transport wheel
  • 4-way movable seat; Large longitudinal groove on the situate for sound blood circulation
  • 4-way flexible handlebar
  • Step-up cushion for different turn workouts
  • Solid wrench gets together, which can back all sorts of turn workouts, counting standing up pedaling routines
  • Dual-sided, ultra-durable metallic pedals, with SPD clips on one side and toe cages on the other
  • Extra-quiet, maintenance-free belt drive


  • No exercise meter.

Detailed Review

One of the most up-to-date workout bicycles from Sunny Health and Fitness for 2017 is the ASUNA Minotaur 7150. This is often a commercial review indoor cycling bicycle, which highlights a heavy-duty development, comparable to the Star Trac Particle or Schwinn AC Execution. Fair as other commercial work out bikes, this show doesn’t incorporate a fitness meter, which is costly. But on the other hand, it can bolster close to any turn workout ever made.Price & Reviews

Commercial Spin Bikes Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

In today’s active way of life, indeed, attending to the exercise center for work out has too ended up a big errand. Individuals continuously think to dodge getting to the exercise center since either they are tired of traveling till the exercise center or they don’t have that much time/money to connect to the exercise center participation for superior health.

Spin bikes help to perform the intense workout in the thighs, hips, calves, waist, and shoulders, which is where the fat is usually deposited. Choosing professional exercising equipment to workout at your home will not only motivate you to keep up with an exercise routine but also help you achieve a healthy and fit body. You are likely to work out at home regularly as it is more comfortable with the help of a commercial spin bike that you can use at any time.

Before you decide to buy a commercial spin bike, it is essential to learn why spin bikes are considered best for exercise. And here’s the answer:

  • Spin bikes have the included advantage that permits users to stand up as they train; this is often exceptionally successful in maximizing the weight loss.
  • The toughened pedals of the turning bicycles can effortlessly support users of different weights and heights.
  • Spin bicycle continuously posses a more decent design as compared to that of average stationary bikes.
  • The handlebars of the spin bike are frequently delicate and comfortable in surface to provide you with a comfortable working-out involvement, and it ensures your fingers’ safety during exercise.
  • The spin bikes’ seats are seldom cushioned because it is more kind of a standing work out for the superior result. You can burn nearly 700 to 1000 calories from the long one hour work out session.

Features to Consider before buying a Commercial Spin Bike

Must-Have Features

A good exercise bike must contain some basic features. When buying a spin bike, one must look for a bike with several resistance levels. Also, it should have a comfortable seat as you will be spending much time on it. If you are not average-sized, it is better to choose seats that you can adjust according to your ease.

Comfort comes first, no matter what. You must look for pedals that are wide and also have strapping of some sort so that there is a minimal risk of slippage. A commercial spin bike must have a built-in computer than displays basic stats such as time, speed, and calorie count. Also, if it does not have a heart rate monitor included, you can buy one separately.

Optional Accessories

When buying a spin bike, look for bikes that come with an extra set of accessories such as water bottle holder, tablet and phone holder, built-in fans, etc. Also, some bikes offer integrated acoustic sound systems that allow you to play your favorite music.

Weight of the Bike and Its Weight Limit

One of the most critical aspects of exercise is stability. Of course, you do not want to get injured when riding your bike. If you see a bike wobbling and making strange noises when you are on it, you might want to look for any other model that suits your weight. Be sure to check your weight before buying your spin bike.

A spin bike with more weight will be much more stable than a lightweight spin bike. Also, do not forget about transport wheels, or you will face difficulty when moving your bike from one place to another. You must not select a bike that can not support your body weight; you will end up hurting or injuring yourself.

Excessive Noise

Noise might not be an issue for most users. However, some bikes are indeed quieter than others. Spin bikes that have fans included tend to make more noise as they offer air resistance. It means that hard pedaling results in creating a strong breeze but louder noises.

Most bike noises are bearable. For example, if you are exercising while watching tv or listing to music, the noises might not bother you a lot.

Enclosed Mechanics for Safety

If you usually have kids around, you must be careful when choosing a bike to keep at your home. It is essential to pay attention to the build of your bike. Ensure that the chain and flywheel of the bike are carefully covered so that kids will not hurt themselves by sticking their fingers in the equipment.


Spin bikes usually offer two types of resistance; friction or magnetic.

The most common resistance is friction resistance. This works with pads, or a wool pad tightened on to the bike’s flywheel with the help of a turning knob. This provides continuous incremental resistance. There are no levels or markings to adjust the resistance to. It is essential to look for resistance that incrementally increases and does not shift from easy to hard with a minimal turning of the knob.

Magnetic resistance works similarly to the friction resistance to some extent. However, in magnetic resistance, you move magnets closer to the bike’s flywheel instead of pads. The closer the magnets get to the flywheel, the more resistance you receive. The magnets just move closer to the flywheel and not touch it, and then they are moved further away. One significant benefit of this resistance is that there is no noise. Also, the magnets do not wear out.


Many users end up ignoring this most critical part of spin bikes, but the truth is that a flywheel is any spin bike’s major component to pay attention to. It is responsible for providing momentum and engaging the muscles into the exercise. This is the main reason why most fitness experts suggest to go for bikes with heavier flywheels. Spin bike models with a flywheel of 20lbs to 35lbs are usually cheaper as compared to others. However, it is better to choose flywheels over 40lbs as it provides a challenging workout.


Spin bikes are the best exercise equipment and help you to maintain a healthy body by providing an effective cardiovascular workout. Buying a commercial spin bike for your home can be a difficult task, but once you start studying about different spin bikes, you will eventually find the suitable one that matches your requirements.

We have discussed above the most popular spin bikes of 2020. However, you can explore as much as you want to see which one is perfect for you.