Bowflex TreadClimber Reviews & Comparison: TC100 vs TC200


Bowflex TreadClimber is no longer available. We suggest the Bowflex MaxTrainer which can help you drive even better results.

Bowflex Max Trainer
  • Compact size with a smaller footprint
  • Full-body workout
  • Low-impact and smooth motion
  • Burn calories at a faster rate
  • Little bit assembly required
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Quick Summary

Bowflex TreadClimbers TC10 and TC20 are now succeeded by their newest iterations, the TC100 and TC200, which are in every way better than their predecessors. Are you a person who likes to use your phone, watch videos on your iPad, or read a good book while working out? The TC100 and TC200 make it easier to do any of these during tour TreadClimber workouts with the highly accessible media shelf.

These upgraded models have many similarities, but they also have significant differences, setting them apart. Choosing the right TreadClimber for yourself can be a little bit of a stretch for the mind. If you are about to make a choice, this review will help you explore exactly what you need to know about the Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 and the TC200.

What is the Bowflex TreadClimber?

bowflex treadclimber comparison inside article

While hundreds of manufacturers are selling thousands of different fitness equipment, there is one that stands out. The Bowflex TreadClimber range brings the best of fitness equipment to workout enthusiasts.
It combines the functionalities of three different fitness equipment, including a treadmill, elliptical, and a stepper. It makes it possible for you to burn calories without burning out. It allows for a low-impact workout with minimum stress over the joints. The fact that these TreadClimbers by Bowflex burn way more calories than any other equipment by the company makes it a top choice for all the people looking forward to acquiring that beautiful and gorgeous ‘hot bod.’
Rapid calorie burn, body toning, and cardiovascular health maintenance are the three most dominant outcomes of using any of the Bowflex TreadClimber; TC200 ad TC100.


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Bowflex TreadClimber Main Differences: TC100 vs. TC200

  • While the TC200 is known to be more “premium” or “top of the line,” the TC100 is somewhat more compact and affordable. The premium feel of TC200 comes from the ergonomic design that it offers, while the TC100 provides a simpler yet pleasant design. The real-time Heart Rate monitor bar lets the user monitor their heart rate across five zones at any time without interrupting their workout. These zones are indicated by different colors that can be observed by just glancing over the console.
  • With the wireless HR sensor feature, holding the handgrips to record HR data is no longer necessary. The user can prefer to use their arms to support their body ergonomically. TreadClimber TC100 is the lighter one of the two, weighing 158 lbs, and the relatively more massive member of the family, the TC200, weighs around 202 lbs. Although both of these offer transport wheels for the movement, the difference of 44 lbs in both the models will undoubtedly influence buyers who like to move their equipment around more frequently.
  • The TC200 allows up to 4 people to use it with their preferred settings and profiles, making it the right choice for a small fitness-loving family, while the TC100 can be a good choice for a couple as it offers to set different fitness goals or workout profiles for up to 2 users.
  • Moreover, four workout additional features, which include Calorie goal, Speed goal, Time goal, and Intervals, sets the bar for TC200 much higher, with the TC100 only has the “Just Walk” mode. All the five workout modes on the TC200 can be started instantly by tapping the dedicated button for every mode. The height clearance for the TC100 is slightly lower than its counterpart, but the ‘longer foot treadles’ on the TC200 make up for the elevated height clearance. One thing that only the TC100 offers is the Step-Platform on the rear end of the machine, which makes it easier for the user to take short breaks while still standing on the climber. If one likes to read or watch videos during their treading sessions, this feature allows users to continue with their side activity even when one has to take a short breathing break.
  • The TC200 is a bit more ‘pricey’ than the TC100, but this significant price difference is worth all the above mentioned additional features along with two more; a higher speed and Bluetooth connectivity. The TC100 provides a speed range of 0.5-4mph, while the TC200 offers the top speed of 4.5mph, attracting fast climbers. User data on the TC100 can be tracked on the console display seamlessly and uploaded on My Fitness App using the ‘Bowflex CONNECT’ site. On the other hand, the Bluetooth connectivity on the TC200 lets the user track their goals and workout history on their mobile phone as well and also allows the syncing of data across the TreadClimber app as well as various third-party fitness apps like Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, My Fitness Pal, etc.

Bowflex TreadClimber Main Similarities: TC100 vs. TC200

When comparing the Bowflex TreadClimbers, it is equally important to discuss the similarities between its two best-selling models TC100 and TC200. While the differences help one evaluate whether a machine is according to your fitness needs or not, the similarities ensure that you do not base your final decision on factors that do not add much weightage to a model.

We have discussed notable differences between the two models based on the connectivity, maximum speed limits, type of workouts, warranties, and, most importantly, the price. Let us now talk about how TC100 and TC200 are similar.

Before we start, it is essential to understand that both these models beautifully combine three fitness equipment features, including steppers, treadmills, and ellipticals. The 3-in-1 feature is what makes them the best selling model in the market.

  • The first factor that needs to be discussed is the calorie burn rate. Both TC100 and TC200 are perfect for rapid calorie burn. They come with a 40% inclination, which helps the fitness fanatics burn calories at a rate similar to that when one is running.
  • The inclination paves the way for rapid calorie burn and allows users to enjoy a ‘targeted’ workout. The users of TC100 or TC200 can set the inclination levels between 0% to 40% and curate personalized training. They can target their calves, thighs, or any other muscle group they think needs work.
  • Another feature that users can find in both these models is the availability of a tablet computer holder. Using any of these machines by Bowflex, users can enjoy a fun workout session or join an online fitness class. The LCD provided in TC100 and TC200 is super interactive as display animations replicating the workout. Also, they have charging ports, which means users can enjoy an uninterrupted workout session.
  • Coming to data tracking, fitness enthusiasts can keep up with their fitness goals with ease by choosing any of the two new Bowflex TreadClimbers. Users can upload, monitor, and track their workout efforts and ensure that their workouts are in alignment with their fitness goals or not.

Most importantly, these two new Bowflex TreadClimbers are designed for all those who want to enjoy a low-impact workout. Working out on these dual-treadles machines, people can work out without putting excessive strain on their joints!

Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 Review

What we Liked

  • The unique design
  • Compactness and low footprint
  • The affordability
  • Options of customizable workout for up to two users
  • It comes with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

What could be Better

  • The two-year warranty
  • The console area
  • The program variety


Now that we have covered the differences and similarities between the two new Bowflex TreadClimbers individually, it is time to review each of these models separately. Starting with TC100, the more compact and affordable option, we know that this is a 3-in-1 fitness machine. It combines the features of a traditional treadmill, elliptical, and a stepper. It means the users get the stairclimber motion (upward), the low-impact motion of elliptical. The function helps to track four factors, including speed, distance, time, and calories.

This machine’s design is such that it lets users burn more calories compared to traditional walking or jogging. It allows them to do that without getting very tired, making it much easier to reach their fitness goals than using a regular treadmill, elliptical, or stepper.

Offering users excellent value for money, this TreadClimber by Bowflex has stirred maximum customer satisfaction. It is one of the most compact fitness machines on the market, one of the most significant factors for homeowners. It has a total footprint of 57 “L 59 “H. Users can easily place this in their homes without worrying about it, covering a considerable floor space.

It is ideal fitness equipment for walking, which allows for a low-impact workout, but the outcomes of using this machine are similar to that of running. It offers 12 levels of resistance, which means users can gradually increase their workout intensity and move closer to their fitness goals.

Fitness fanatics who weigh 300lbs or lower can easily workout on this machine, making the muscles work differently. Something that cannot be achieved through treadmills, steppers, or ellipticals.

It is excellent for entry-level fitness enthusiasts as they can start with low inclination levels and low resistance levels. As they get their hang, the users can upgrade to a high inclination level and more excellent resistance. The best thing about this machine is its price. It costs less than $1600, which makes it one of the best machines in its category.

It comes with a two-year warranty, not a very impressive feature, but all other factors make this machine worth the investment. The good part of it is that it comes with a 6-week moneyback guarantee. Six weeks are more than enough to evaluate whether the machine is the right fit or not. If it is not, the users can ship it back and get a full refund.

It is, indeed, an excellent investment.

The Best Uses of the TreadClimber TC100

This TreadClimber by Bowflex is perfect for those with joint pain issues. It paves the way for a low-impact workout with near-to-zero impact on the joints. It is a cardio machine that also allows performance and strength training. It is best chosen to aid the weight loss efforts of the users. It burns more calories in a very short time, crafting a super-effective workout session.

TreadClimber TC100 Console


The TC100 Bowflex TreadClimber comes equipped with a super-interactive console area. Even though it is an upgraded version of its predecessor, TC10, the console area still needs some work. The area includes two sturdy cup holders and a media holder as well. It tracks and displays important workout factors, including speed, time, distance, and calories burnt. It can track up to two separate profiles, which means users can track if their workout sessions are going in the right direction or not. There is a dual-purpose charging port as well, which leads to an uninterrupted fun fitness session.

TreadClimber TC100 Assembly

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 comes with detailed assembly instructions. Not only this, but there are videos on YouTube as well as on the manufacturer’s website that lets users set the machine up within one to two hours.

TreadClimber TC100 Warranty

It comes with a two-year warranty period with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 Review

Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber (Discontinued)
  • Simple to use
  • Easy on ligaments and joints
  • Low-impact
  • Customized workout programs
  • Personal trainer app
  • Heavy
  • Assembly required
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What we Liked

  • Customizable workouts for up to four users
  • Ease of tracking progress
  • It comes with a coaching technology
  • It includes five electronic functions
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

What could be Better

  • The price as it is too expensive than TC100
  • Bulky design and heavy
  • Unsatisfying top speed
  • Three-year short warranty


The Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, TC20. It is, by far, the best TreadClimber manufactured by the company. The features that are offered through this machine surpass all the other TreadClimbers in the market. Even though it is a high-end and expensive fitness machine, its features overshadow its high cost.
Starting with the basics, this TreadClimber, just like TC100, is low-impact workout equipment. It lets users enjoy superior fitness benefits in the minimum possible time and little stress over the joints. It offers 12 levels of resistance with a maximum speed of 4.5mph. It features a dual-treadle design that lets users burn many more calories than a traditional treadmill. The maximum weight capacity of this machine is 300lbs.
The total footprint of TC200 is 55″ 62.5 “H. It is heavy, and the design is a bit bulky. It offers a three-year warranty but with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
The best feature of this machine is its GO Coach console, which one-of-its-kind by the manufacturer. It allows up to four users to track, monitor, and compare their workout history. It also offers landmark workout challenges.

What are the best uses of the TreadClimber TC200 (Weight Loss, Low Impact), and who should go for it?

Just like the TC100, this Bowflex TreadClimber is the best choice for all those who are in search of a machine offering a low-impact workout. It puts a minimum impact on the joints yet provides impressive fitness benefits. It is also great for strength training, performance training, cardio, and weight loss.

TreadClimber TC200 Console

It can be said that the most highlighted feature of this machine is its GO Coach Console. It is the first time that Bowflex has equipped its machine with such an interactive and intuitive console. The user can interact with it in different ways. It lets users align their fitness efforts with their goals by offering efficient progress monitoring. It even allows the fitness enthusiasts to compare the values with that of the last week or day. It also provides nine challenge landmark workouts.

The users usually begin with the initial levels, including Lady Liberty, Space Needle, and TransAmerica Tower. It is after they complete the goals set by these challenges that they unlock the remaining six.

TreadClimber TC200 Assembly

The assembly of this machine is simple, easy, and pretty straightforward. By going through the manufacturer’s detailed instructions and readily available assembly videos, users can set it up and start using it within two hours.

TreadClimber TC200 Warranty

It comes with a three-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Bowflex TreadClimber better than a treadmill?

While both the machines have the same primary function, the TreadClimber gives significant benefit over using a traditional treadmill. The TreadClimber has two separate treadles for each foot rather than a single wide belt. Offering a combination of three unique motions; treadmill, elliptical, and a stepper, the TreadClimber provides the user with utmost comfort compared to the conventional mill. The joints’ impact is significantly reduced as the treadles rise with every step, making the workout less tiring while burning more calories!

Is the TreadClimber good for losing weight?

You can lose as much as 2.5x the calories you can lose on a treadmill at the same speed, making the TreadClimber an excellent choice for your weight loss needs.

How long should you workout on a TreadClimber?

The workouts on the TreadClimber should be around 30 mins for average users, with the frequency of 2-3 times a week.


Both Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 and TC200 are masterpieces in the world of fitness equipment. They have, in many aspects, have beaten all their predecessors with unique fitness features. While, on the one hand, TC100 offers excellent value for the money, TC200 offers high-end fitness benefits at a higher price.

Investing in any one of these two is an investment worth making!

Happy workout!