Spin Bike vs Stationary Exercise Bike: Difference, Pros & Cons

Everybody dreams about owning a beautiful house, driving a luxury car, living with a loving family, working a dream job, and achieving a perfect fit body. Purchasing a house or car depends upon a person’s financial situation. Landing on a dream job and building a loving family is more a luck’s game. There is only one thing that you have complete control and is something that does not depend upon your luck or financial status, and that is your physical fitness. Many people do achieve everything on their list, except for that gorgeous body. It can get frustrating and may push one in a depressive state.

Well, if you are struggling with a similar situation, it is time that you take control of your fitness. Remember, you cannot blame your luck for your unfit and not-so-healthy body. It is your actions, habits, and activities in life that lead you towards a poorly shaped body.

Is taking the time out for gym from your busy schedule tough and not a possibility?

Well, you can build a gym in your home. The most popular at-home alternative for a proper gym is an exercise bike. Almost everyone is familiar with road-bike cycling; imagine how convenient indoor cycling is in your own room.

It seems easy, doesn’t it?

So, you decide you want an exercising bike, but as you hit the market, you realize that the market comprises thousands of makes, models, and manufacturers. All these options lie under two categories, which include spin bikes and stationary or upright bikes.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Choosing the right type seems like an overwhelming process? If you do not think wisely, you might end up with a type that you do not really need. It is best not to make a choice until you are fully aware of all the specs of each of its types.


Stationary or Upright Bikes

When people say “exercise bike”, most of the time they mean stationary bikes which are also known as upright bikes. These come with a comfortable padded seat to provide an enjoyable workout experience to the users. These are a popular choice because they are not very expensive. Most of the people who are establishing at-home gyms and are interested in indoor cycling choose these bikes.

spin bikes

Spin Bikes

Spinning bikes very closely mimic the movement of the real-life bike. These bikes support many more exercises than a traditional upright bike. It even allows a user to operate the pedals even in a standing position. The pedals of spin bikes are designed to support a plethora of different exercising positions.

What is the Difference Between a Spin Bike & an Exercise Bike

Many people find it difficult to carry out a comparison of the two bikes, and this is what leads them to the wrong choice. The reason behind it is the high number of similarities that make people think both exercise bikes offer the same benefits. It is true that both bikes engage the body in similar motion and require almost the same fitness levels, but there are some key differences that make choosing the right one a great deal.

Nature of Workouts

The first difference that is something that we cannot overlook is the nature of workout each of these types of support. The traditional upright bikes are the top choice for workout enthusiasts who love to work out at their own pace, following their own personalized session. The degree of personalization is highest in these exercise bikes. You can design a workout plan that suits your body and aligns with your fitness requirements. The central console, found in modern versions, allows you to set the parameters as per your fitness needs. A spin exercise bike, on the other hand, is perfect for an intensive workout. It very closely mimics the functioning of an actual bike by which allows the user to lean forward to a crouching position.

Moreover, spinning bikes even support a body in a standing position. It allows one to pedal while sitting as well as standing. The intensive workout increases stamina.

Muscles Worked

The movement might seem similar, but the muscles it works on are different.

  • An upright exercise bike addresses the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles.
  • A spin bike works on shoulders, back, biceps, core, and triceps along with quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Primary Use

Even though these bikes might seem similar, but there is a considerable difference between the primary use of both these bikes.

  • Stationary and upright exercise bikes are an excellent choice for general fitness. It is suitable for improving cardiovascular fitness levels, building muscle strength, and minor weight loss.
  • The spinning bikes are most commonly used in spinning group fitness classes. Unlike stationary bikes, these are a smart choice for professional cyclists or other types of athletes. They are also an excellent machine for weight loss.


The next factor of difference is resistance. The upright exercise bikes come with actual wheels attached to them. These bikes operate on a magnetic resistance system or electromagnetism. It is easy to adjust resistances and indulge in a personalized workout session due to light flywheels. Spin bikes are more like road bikes, and to give a real-life bike feeling, it comes with heavy flywheels. These bikes come with flywheels instead of actual pedals.


One of the most significant differences that influence the decision of many people is the price. In terms of cost and budget, stationary and upright bikes offer much higher flexibility in comparison to spinning bikes. It is a major reason why many homeowners choose to purchase an upright bike instead of a spin bike.

Spin vs Stationary Bike: Summarizing the Differences

Here is a complete summary of all the advantages and disadvantages of upright and spin bikes. It will help you evaluate the specifications and make the right choice.

spin bikes

Spin Bike Pros

  • Very closely mimics real-life bike movements
  • Supports both sitting and standing workouts
  • Perfect for intensive workouts

Spin Bike Cons

  • Addresses a limited body muscles group
  • Creates a monotonous workout session
  • Not the perfect option for burning calories

Stationary Exercise Bikes Pros

  • Offers flexible price ranges
  • Perfect for customized workout sessions
  • Great for the core and lower body. Because your body is upright as you pedal, more resistance is placed upon the abs and lower body in general

Stationary Exercise Bikes Cons

  • Addresses a limited body muscles group
  • Creates a monotonous workout session
  • Not the perfect option for burning calories


There are several factors that you need to bring into consideration when making your choice if you are interested in indoor cycling. The essential elements you need to look at include the fitness requirements of the one who uses the exercise bike, the muscle groups one has to address, and the budget.

If you wish to include physical activity in your life, a stationary bike is a great choice.

If you are a serious fitness freak but do not have much time to dedicate to your physical fitness, you might want to consider a spin bike.

In the end, it is your fitness needs and budget that will help you decide!