Tips for Training Muay Thai Padwork

The technique is the most important thing you can learn when training Muay Thai. Without it, you are just exchanging power for power. The most effective way to learn technique is through padwork. It is also great for increasing endurance and strengthening muscles.

Through padwork, you are given the opportunity to repeatedly practice your strikes against a non-moving target. Unlike sparring, where everything happens at once and at high speed, with padwork you can strike, rest, strike again and repeat as many times as necessary to get the movement right. This is why it’s so effective.

Pace is an important thing to master when learning and training and can be broken down into two parts. The first part is your footwork which you can practice by shadow-boxing. Make sure that your feet are moving at the same time as your hands. When you punch, make sure that you move your foot forward at the same time as punching, pulling it back again to avoid any misses.

The second part is speed of strikes, which you can practice with a partner by having them hold a bag or a pad for you. Start off slowly, making sure that each strike lands properly on the pad. Once you’re comfortable with the speed and timing of your strikes, try increasing the speed of your strikes to give yourself a challenge.