Tonal vs. Tempo vs. Mirror: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Quick Summary

In today’s article, we will be discussing the three champions of smart home gyms: TonalTempo, and Mirror. Smart gyms have quickly become a hit, especially with more people exercising at home. You no longer need to go to a gym and wait in line for your favorite machine; instead, you bring the gym to you.

If you’re newer to the gym, not a problem; all three of these provide their users with experienced coaches who will push you and ensure you stay safe while exercising. Gyms are quickly becoming places that will rack up quite the bill. Luxury gyms will charge you a premium, while classes can be anywhere from an additional $60-$80 per month. If you’re looking for training, you can be sure you’ll spend a few hundred dollars a month while only getting a few hours of interaction.

Smart gyms are a traditional gym disruptor, and we’re looking at the top models in today’s article.

  1. Tempo Studio
  2. Tempo Studio

    Excellent for those looking for some strength training and some cardio.

    This is the best value-for-money smart home gym, in our opinion. Unlike Tonal, Tempo has hundreds of live classes and pushes you with their challenge leaderboards.

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  3. Mirror Home Gym
  4. Mirror Home Gym

    Best for those who found themselves in more classes at the gym versus using the equipment.

    The Mirror is all bodyweight exercises looking to chisel its users’ arms, legs, and core. Beginners and experts will benefit from the Mirror’s classes. Again, the trainers guide form and push past your comfort zone. Probably the sleekest design of the three choices, you won’t need to worry about the Mirror becoming an eyesore in your home. 

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What are smart home gyms? 

Smart gyms are an easy and convenient way to work out in your home without purchasing thousands of pounds of equipment. Not only are these an entire gym in one, but they’ll also provide their users with personal training and thousands of classes you can take whenever you’d like. 

There’s no need to track your stats either, as these smart gyms will do all of the mundane work for you while you chisel your beach body in your living room. These aren’t eyesores either; some even resemble high-quality furniture you’d spend a few thousand dollars on. 

Tonal, Tempo, and Mirror are the three leaders in home gyms right now. They offer their users an experience like n other and form the comfort of their home. They each come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we’re going to dig into which model will look perfect in your home. 

The Tempo Review

Tempo Studio

Excellent for those looking for some strength training and some cardio.

This is the best value-for-money smart home gym, in our opinion. Unlike Tonal, Tempo has hundreds of live classes and pushes you with their challenge leaderboards.

  • Privacy
  • Weights included
  • Real-time feedback
  • Storage built
  • Limited Tempo’s music selection
  • There’s no bench included
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Are you someone who loves the feel of barbells and dumbbells over cables? Tempo may be the right machine for you! Tempo rocks a large 42″ screen that captures your movements as you workout. Tempo gives its users immediate form feedback, counts their reps, and recommends weight that it knows will push you but not hurt you.

Unlike Tonal, Tempo has hundreds of live classes and pushes you with their challenge leaderboards. Coaches will be able to correct your form if needed, but not at the expense of your privacy. Tempo uses a motion capture system designed to provide the coaches a 3D model of your form. It will never capture or store your information nor information about your home.

home gym main tempo

Tempo comes in much cheaper than Tonal but will still cost $1,995. The difference between the two is that Tempo provides its users with all the needed equipment, plates, and bars, with the option of adding additional accessories at a later time. For someone stronger and looking for more challenging workouts, these accessories may be necessary considering Tempo provides only 10lbs, 5lbs, 2.5lbs, and 1.25lbs plates with a 25lbs bar and 7.5lbs dumbbell handle. However, Tempo will provide users with a heart rate monitor, mat, and foam roller in their original purchase.

Tempo offers a good warranty. With the cabinet having three years, the display has 12 months, the heart rate monitor is 12 months, and the weights with three years. Any defects in the craftsmanship are covered under this warranty, plus some additional hardware in the interactive display.

What we Liked

  • Privacy! In today’s day and age, privacy is significant, especially bringing in one of these home gyms. When something can record you and your home, you want to make sure everything is private, and Tempo offers that privacy.
  • You get more included in your original purchase. The weights included will be a perfect start for someone new to the gym or not as experienced.
  • Perfect your form with real-time feedback. You’ll receive individual guidance with every class you take.
  • Tempo comes with storage built right into the cabinet, so no need to have weights lying around everywhere.

What could be Better

  • For a more experienced gym-goer, you’ll need to purchase additional weight.
  • Get used to Tempo’s music selection, unless you’re wearing your headphones.
  • There’s no bench included, and Tempo doesn’t offer one, taking away many different exercises.

The Mirror Review

Mirror Home Gym

Best for those who found themselves in more classes at the gym versus using the equipment.

The Mirror is all bodyweight exercises looking to chisel its users’ arms, legs, and core. Beginners and experts will benefit from the Mirror’s classes. Again, the trainers guide form and push past your comfort zone. Probably the sleekest design of the three choices, you won’t need to worry about the Mirror becoming an eyesore in your home. 

  • The sleekest option of all 3
  • Live personal training
  • Family fun workouts
  • HIIT-styled workout.
  • Membership needed
  • Not great for strength workouts
  • No performance tracking
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The final at-home gym to look at is the Mirror. While Tonal and Tempo offer more strength-based exercises, the Mirror is more of cardio and HIIT-styled workouts. Don’t expect your order to come with any dumbbells or weights because it won’t. The Mirror is just that, a mirror. This allows you to throw it into any room without it seeming out of place. All you need is a couple of feet of wall space, and you have yourself a home gym!

You’ll receive real-time feedback from Mirror’s trainers while the machine provides adjustments based on your goals and preferences. You’re able to compete with yourself or join others to push your boundaries, and the Mirror will keep track of your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned!

the mirror woman in action

Mirror offers thousands of classes lasting anywhere from 5-60 minutes and provides users with live classes every week. You also have the option to get 1:1 personal training right in your home through Mirror’s immersive technology. Your family also benefits from Mirror, as your subscription will cover six different people letting you all join in on the fun.

The Mirror will cost $1,495, coming in at the cheapest option. Nothing additional comes with your purchase, but you can always add resistance bands afterward. They will cost a bit as far as resistance bands go. Mirror offers a limited warranty of 12 months on their piece of equipment. It provides 12 months on their heart rate monitor as well. In that 12 months, Mirror will cover a 3rd party’s cost to fix or repair the piece of equipment.

What we Liked

  • The sleekest option of all 3. Your friends and family won’t even see it as a home gym, and they’ll walk by unnoticed because it resembles an elegant mirror.
  • Live personal training in your own home with an experienced coach.
  • Family fun workouts. Include up to 6 members to sweat together!
  • No equipment is needed to get a great cardio, HIIT-styled workout.

What could be Better

  • You’ll need to purchase a membership along with the Mirror, or else it will just act as a very expensive mirror.
  • If you like strength workouts, this will not be an excellent option for you—the Mirror packs in many cardio and HIIT workouts.
  • Shorter warranty.
  • No performance tracking.

The Tonal Review 

Advertised as the “smartest home gym,” Tonal is a beast of a home gym. Tonal comes with two adjustable arms and cables on either side that allows access to 170 moves. Tonal will give you an upper body workout, lower body workout, and chisel your body head to toe.

Tonal offers its users hundreds of classes that include yoga, strength training, high intensity, and they add new classes all the time. Tonal provides users with coaches to get them to their goals; whether that’s bulking up or slimming down, there’s a coach for any plan.

tonal ai home gym in action

Tonal will cost you $2,995, and you have the option of purchasing their “smart accessories,” which include the smart handles, smart bar, rope, bench, roller, and a workout mat. These are all great accessories to have but will cost an additional $495. Tonal provides users with a 3-year limited warranty assigned to whoever purchased the piece of equipment. They offer a one-year warranty for parts and labor and two years additional for parts only. They also provide one year for accessories coverage. Unfortunately, they won’t cover any software issue or recover any data.

What we Liked

  • Tonal’s design is smooth and elegant, giving it a nice look in any room of your home.
  • Tonal provides 17 sensors that will analyze your form, keep you from getting injured, and get the most out of your workout.
  • Tonal has up to 200 pounds of resistance.
  • Tonal will automatically adjust the resistance to your strength level, taking out all of the guesswork.
  • Don’t feel like working out on your own? Workout with a friend or spouse, and Tonal will track both of your activities!
  • Tonal comes with Spotter Mode allowing you to lift heavy but still keep you safe.

What could be Better

  • Tonal is expensive. The machine itself is $2,995, and to get the added accessories, you’ll need an additional $495.
  • Consistent maintenance. If you’ve ever been to a gym, you know how easy the cables fray; well, unfortunately, Tonal won’t be too different.
  • Live classes are not offered.
  • Tonal’s weight resistance caps at 100lbs per arm, limiting some of its more robust users.

The Main Differences of The Tonal, The Tempo, and The Mirror

If you’re looking for an interactive, butt-kicking home gym, then look no further. We have laid out the three champions in this arena. Tonal, Tempo, and Mirror all have their advantages and disadvantages, but all will get the job done. 

  • If you’re looking for a strength workout, you’ll want to choose between Tonal and Tempo. Tonal rocks the adjustable arms with cables providing up to 100lbs of resistance in each hand, allowing you to perform up to 170+ moves in a little 6-foot space. Tonal will also provide you with instant feedback on your form while pushing you to your best by adjusting the weights. Don’t worry about your safety because their intuitive A.I. will provide you with a spotter just like you’re in a gym.
  • Compared to Tonal, Tempo offers much of the same. They differ in their use of equipment. Cables are great, but there’s nothing that feels more like the gym than a barbell on your back. Tonal offers that sort of style in their workout. Sure, you’ll need additional space to make these moves, but you’ll still get real-time feedback on your form and intensity. Tonal offers the bonus of security and privacy. Instead of filming you directly, their A.I. builds a 3D image of you to protect your privacy. They’ll never record your home or your face but still provide you with instant feedback to keep you safe, injury-free, and performing the best that you can. 
  • What if you’re someone who isn’t looking for size but wants to slim down while toning your arms and legs? That’s where the benefits of the Mirror happen. No weights are necessary to get your sweat on. With thousands of classes performed by world-class trainers, you’ll chisel your arms and abs using just bodyweight. For beginners, this is a much-added benefit, and for someone who wants a change from the gym, the Mirror can up the intensity to a high level. 
  • These machines are alike and different all at once. One of the first differences we look for is that in price. Tonal will cost you the most at $2,995, and that’s just the machine itself. To get the most out of Tonal, the additional accessories, which will cost you $495, are highly recommended. Below that comes Tempo at a starting price of $1,995. Tempo provides its users with more at the base cost. You’ll get your plates, handles, bar, mat, and roller all at that price. For someone looking for more intensity regarding weight, the addition of heavier plates will cost you. The least expensive model is the Mirror starting at $1,495. All you need is the Mirror to get started; however, they offer a starter pack for an additional $100. 
  • These smart gyms have an additional membership cost to get you all of the benefits, including classes and coaching. These costs vary, but not by too much. Tonal will cost you $49 per month, while Mirror and Tempo will run you #39 per month. Regarding their warranties, Tempo and Tonal have the best options at three years, while the Mirror only gives you one year. This is something to think about when purchasing. As well all love technology and gym equipment, we know they’re both susceptible to damages. 
  • When it comes to portability, the Mirror and Tempo are the easiest to move. The Mirror leans up against a wall, so it’s simple to move to any room in the house. The Tempo is a cabinet giving you the ability to move it wherever you want as well. Neither of these has wheels for easy movement, but unlike Tonal, they aren’t fixed to a wall. Tonal is embedded in the studs of your wall and requires a professional to install it. This is nice that they provide this service, but you are stuck with it there, so be mindful of where you want his machine. 

So, What’s the Verdict? 

We have presented you with three excellent smart gyms that allow you to create the body of your dreams in the comfort of your home. With gyms and the fitness world itself shifting, home smart gyms may end up being part of the new landscape. 

You’d benefit from choosing any of these options, but as most things go in the fitness world, what choice is best for you depends on you. I won’t be able to make the best decision for you, but with all of the facts in front of you, the body of your dreams may be a click away.