Total Gym Reviews & Model Comparison

Home gym systems make working out easy and convenient for all, especially during the outbreak of COVID-19 when fitness enthusiasts cannot hit the gyms. The choices for home gyms in the market are overwhelming, and choosing the best can be challenging. 

Total Gym is one of the most renowned home gym manufacturers, and there are several models to choose from. Make sure you pick the right model that perfectly suits your needs by thoroughly analyzing all the models. 

Does Total Gym Work?

At present, the Total Gym is gaining popularity in the category of home gyms due to its infomercials and renowned endorsers. However, its popularity is not just because of these celebrity endorsements or TV infomercials, but due to the exercise machines, it manufactures. 

The home gyms by this company work magic at stabilizing the joints by forcing the muscles by power. It provides full-body exercise and serves as a therapeutic piece of equipment. Along with all this, these home gyms are on the top in terms of safety. 

Total Gym Reviews

There are so many Total Gym home gym models that choosing the perfect one can put you in a state of analysis paralysis. This guide will help you make the right choice with a detailed comparison of the top four models, including Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym Fit, and Total Gym GTS. 

Total Gym XLS

When talking about the best home gyms by Total Gym, XLS by this company is one of the best options. It has been endorsed by top celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. It is the best-selling home gym by this company, and it is backed with a lot of dynamic features. 

When it comes to versatility, this home gym by Total Gym is the one to choose. It supports up to 80 different exercises and also comes with training support. One of the most attractive features is that it works well for all and every type of ability levels. Instead of using a resistance system, this home gym uses the customized percentage of your body weight as resistance. 

It offers six resistance levels from 6 to 26˚ and can be easily adjusted from 6% to 54% of body weight. 

You do not have to worry about adjusting the resistance levels as per your body’s needs, as the Total Gym XLS is designed with a smart approach. No assembly is required for this home gym; you can start using it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. 

With this home gym, you can enjoy a quiet workout, and as compared to traditional weight stack home gyms, the Total Gym XLS is easier on the joints. There is a glide board at the center of the home gym, the angle of which can be adjusted as per your body weight. 

It comes with pulleys and several other attachments that make this home gym a versatile option, especially for those who prefer working out at home. Whether it’s a gentle rehabilitative workout, high-energy workout, or a slow pilates-style exercise, Total Gym XLS is perfect for all types of workouts, hence its versatility. Another feature that makes many people choose this is its compactness and easy storage. It can be folded with ease and can be stored in a compact place. If space is an issue for you, this versatile and portable home gym might just be the perfect fit for you. 

It offers a 400-lb weight capacity, and the 1.5” high foam padding provides comfort to the body during a workout session. The frame of this home gym comes with a lifetime warranty while the moving pasts come with a 2-year warranty. Its construction, quality, and versatility are the top features that make Total Gym XLS the best-selling model by this manufacturer. 

Total Gym Fit

Our Top Overall
Total Gym FIT
  • It offers 12 different resistance levels.
  • It exerts very low pressure on the joints.
  • It supports more than 85 exercises.
  • It comes with a set of accessories that add to this home gym’s versatility.
  • It is super-light, portable, and foldable.
  • It is not an affordable home gym model.
  • The warranty is not ideal.
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Another model by Total Gym is its Total Gym Fit. Standing at the top rank among the mid-range home gym category, this model offers users to enjoy a wide variety of exercises for all types of workouts, strength, flexibility, and low-impact cardio. 

The Total Gym Fit offers more than 85 exercises that includes all types of workouts. It includes all exercises, including squats, leg presses, abdominal crunches, pull-ups, and many others. Whether you want to keep it light for your cardio health or work out to build strength or boost body flexibility, this home gym will work wonders for you. 

The low-impact motion is a highlight of this home gym as it does not put excessive stress on the joints. It offers you 12 resistance levels, which makes it easy to enjoy a customized workout at home. It is a well-rounded machine that steals the show with its versatility. 

The Total Gym Fit offers a weight capacity of 450lbs, and it can easily fold to be stored in a compact space. It comes fully assembled, which means you do not have to put in additional effort and time into setting up this machine. 

Most of the home gyms offer a weight capacity of 200-250lbs, and the higher weight capacity of his home gym is an indication of how durable and robust the built of this machine is. This machine is, indeed, very well-built. 

An added feature of this home gym is the additional accessories that it comes with. You can enjoy the perks of accessories including ab crunch accessory, two-piece wing attachment, heavy-duty squat stand, ankle straps, six workout DVDs, and a full-exercise chart. 

You can fold this machine and safely store it in a small space when not using it. For homeowners, space is a real issue, but with this home gym, you do not have stress about the space problem because you only have to unfold it when you want to use it, else it can be stored in a compact space. 

Total Gym GTS

The fourth home gym by Total Gym is the GTS. It is primarily for people who want to get into professional training and workout. It is built for homes, but gym owners and physicals therapy clinics frequently choose it. 

Talking about versatility, this home gym has no competitors because this supports more than 200 low-impact exercises. It is way more than any of the home gyms by this company are offering. Strength building, boosting flexibility, or just a usual cardio health workout, this home gym will not disappoint you. 

The gravity gym offers a resistance system that lets users adjust the resistance between 22 different percentages of their body weight. The range is something that is not provided by any other model by Total Gym. The vast range of resistance adjustability allows you to have complete control over the intensity level of your workout. The gravity resistance system helps eliminate the jarring impact that comes due to strength training with metal weight stacks. Moreover, when it comes to comfort and usefulness, this home gym earns excellent appreciation for all its users. 

It is the manufacturer’s most high-end and robust model. What makes this model stand out from other Total Gym machines is that it supports jumping (or plyometric) style exercises. You will not be able to find this feature in any other home gym models by this company. 

Total Gym GTS comes with several useful add-ons. Some of the most valuable attachments include soft-grip lat bars, telescoping squat stand, 3-grip pull-up bar, scrunch, weight bar, squat handlebar, press bar, and retractable dip bars. 

The Total Gym model is not one of those that can be used right out of the box as it requires some degree of assembling. Just unfolding the machine for use is not how it works with the GTS. The good thing is that much of the parts come assembled, you just have to arrange them together to start using it. 

The weight capacity of this home gym is another feature that brings this machine under the spotlight. It works well for people that weigh up to 650lb. It is the unique feature as most home gyms are designed with a maximum weight capacity of 250 to 300lbs. 

The company offers a 5-year frame warranty, 1-year parts warranty, and a 90-day warranty for rubber and upholstery. 

Total Gym Supreme

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing workout equipment for at-home sessions is versatility. Like a commercial gym, a home gym cannot include heavy-duty workout equipment. When it comes to versatility in home gyms, the Total Gym Supreme is the perfect option. It is the cheapest home gym that Total Gym is offering in its series. 

People with all types of fitness needs are pouring in fantastic reviews about this home gym. Strength, flexibility, cardio training, this home gym supports more than 60 exercises. These exercises include but are not limited to ab crunches, leg presses. It is a very simple model by the company, but its feature of working with gravity makes it stand out among the most expensive home gyms in the market. With this feature, a user can exercise against different percentages of their body. The angle adjustability is one of the most attractive supporting features. 

The fact that it works with gravity ensures that tendons or joints do not undergo jolts or jarring, making a workout session very painful. Total Gym Supreme is designed to work the whole body within a 20-minute workout session.  

The top feature that is convincing fitness enthusiasts to get their hands on this model is the variety of attachments that it comes with. The ab crunch accessory is the best-selling add-on Total Gym accessory. It is perfect for abdominal crunches. With this, you can work your core and even enhance your posture. It also comes with tri-grip shaper bars. These are designed to support diverse handgrip positions so that users can work on different muscle groups of their bodies. These are specifically used for the toning of hamstrings and quadriceps. Another accessory that comes with is the leg pull attachments, even these help in toning the hamstrings. It also comes with a squat stand, which is fully adjustable as per the height. 

The best thing about this home gym is that you can easily fold it and store it in a compact space. If you are worried about space issues at home, this home gym is undoubtedly the right option for you. 

The factory-direct warranty coverage includes a two-year frame warranty and a one-year parts warranty. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the manufacturer’s website, this one is the most affordable option, and despite being entry-level equipment, this is versatile and very durable.

Total Gym Comparison

Indeed, choosing the most suitable option out of the four best home gyms by one of the best manufacturers, Total Gym, is a challenge. We know how difficult it can be, but we will try to help you make the right choice. Here are a brief comparison and a summary highlighting the main features of all four Total Gym models, including Supreme, XLS, Fit, and GTS.

  • Firstly, let us talk about the exercises each of these home gyms support. Total Gym Supreme supports 60 exercises, XLS offers 80 exercises, with fit users can do 85 exercises, and with GTS, a user can move between 200 exercises. The next factor is the price, the most affordable option in this range by Total Gym is the Total Gym Supreme, followed by two mid-priced models; Total Gym XLS and Total Gym Fit. The most expensive model is the Total Gym GTS, which is the most robust option among all four. 
  • All four models are foldable, which means you do not have to worry about floor space being full. When not in use, you can simply fold it and store it away from sight. However, with foldability, many people believe that it can be portable and storable in a compact space. While you can store Supreme, XLS, and Fit in a small space, the GTS is not at all portable. It is heavyweight and cannot be stored in a compact space. 
  • Assembly is another factor that many people consider when purchasing a home gym as it can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if a user is not that tech-savvy. All three home gyms by this company, including Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, and Total Gym Fit, come fully assembled and can be used right out of the box. This is not the case when you are using the Total Gym GTS. It is the most high-end model that requires assembly. Even though it comes with a manual, it can still take a lot of time. Another similarity between the four models by Total Gym is the type of workouts they support. All these models are perfect for strength training, flexibility building, and cardio health workout. Moreover, all four models by this company are gravity home gyms. 
  • Total Gym Supreme and Total Gym Fit offer 12 levels of resistance, and Total Gym GTS offers 22 resistance levels. The lowest degree of resistance is offering by Total Gym XLS, which offers just six resistance levels. 
  • While the Total Gym XLS and Total Gym Fit offer lifetime frame warranty, Total Gym Supreme and Total Gym GTS offers frame warranty of 1 year and five years, respectively. For warranty of parts, a user can rely on moving parts of Total Gym Supreme and Total Gym XLS for six months. Total Gym Fit offers a part warranty for two years.


Total Gym is one of the best manufacturers of home gyms and is not just a brand endorsed by celebrities. It is a brand trusted globally by top fitness enthusiasts, and the four home gyms, including Total Gym Supreme, Total Gym XLS, Total Gym Fit, and Total Gym GTS are best in the category of home gyms in the market. Each comes with a unique set of features that make it suitable for the specific uses. Make sure you put your money in the right place as this brand is known for creating high-end home gym equipment.