TrueForm Trainer Review: Runner or Trainer?

The curved treadmills have gained popularity in the last few years. This different and unique design is scientifically proven to give better results. This is why people are switching from their regular treadmills to these manual ones. Buying a manual treadmill is not expensive but an investment. The units can be used for years without any extra electricity bills. This is why these non-motorized machines are best for at-home gyms. Since they do not have any electrical components, they require less maintenance. Today we are going to review the two most popular manual treadmills from TrueForm. So you can decide which one is best for you.

Trueform Runner

The Trueform runner is unlike anything traditional treadmill. What does that mean? The conventional treadmill is motorized and works on electricity. It got a motor and a belt, and you can run on it at whatever speed you choose from the available range. On the other hand, Trueform Runner is just like a hamster wheel. There is no motor involved in the design; the faster you move, the faster the belt will move. The design of this runner is unique. You can walk on it, run on it, and even sprint. Unlike motorized runners, the transition from walk to sprint and sprint to walk is smoother. So, the top feature of the Trueform runner is that the experience is similar to running outside.

People have a love-hate relationship with this runner. Not because it is a bad machine but because it is difficult to run on. It means that if you do not have a proper running form, you might injure yourself.

Trueform Trainer

TrueForm Trainer Treadmill
  • An inexpensive option
  • Lightweight body
  • Manual treadmill
  • 0 to low maintenance
  • Can hold up to 400 lbs
  • 40% more fat burning
  • No turf belt available
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After the immense popularity of Trueform Runner, the Trainer came on the market. And it became a phenomenon for obvious reasons. This treadmill has all the plus points of the Runner and more benefits of its own. The lightweight body is ready to move around but is equally durable. Want to know how? It is made with high grade, heavy-duty, and lightweight steel. The curved design of this unit makes running harder. But that means burning fat would be easier. It is estimated that a simple routine on Trueform trainer can burn out fat 40% quicker than in any other treadmill.

The idea behind the Trainer is the same as the runner. It does not consume any energy. The speed of the belt is determined by the speed of the user, which gives more control. Changing from running to walking was never this easier before.

Trueform Runner vs Trainer

A lot of people loved and adored the Trueform Runner. It does not consume any electricity, works manually, and gives better results. But the only concern of some fitness fanatics was how expensive the Trainer is. So, Trueform heard them and created a somewhat cheaper but equally effective version of the Trainer.

Both the Runner and the Trainer gives 40% better results than any regular trainer. They have the same craved angle that gives natural experience as if you are running on the ground. There are few minor differences too. Such as, the trainer is made in Korea with lighter steel that makes it portable. One of the best features of Runner is the original turf belt. With this especially belt, the user can run without shoes as it gives the feeling of running on grass. But unfortunately, the turf belt is not available for the Trainer. The maximum weight capacity is also different, and the dimensions are slightly small. But that is it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a curved & a standard treadmill?

The structural changes between both are that one is flat while the other has a curved belt. Studies have shown that a curved treadmill can burn calories faster.

Trueform Runner vs. Woodway Curve: What is the main difference?

The main difference other than the material is the curve angle. Trueform have a more natural way of giving subjective experience.

Trueform Runner vs. Assault AirRunner: What is the main difference?

Assault burns 30% calories, but Trueform can burn up to 40% more than average. Meanwhile, the Assault AirRunner has a better LCD that shows more information.


Both Trueform Trainer and Runner are one of the best gym gear available in the market. On that note, if you want something robust, go for the Runner. But if you can not afford the runner, Trueform Trainer is the inexpensive, light-weighted version and a perfect dupe for it.